Urban Research Institutes (list)

Here is a list of a great number of globally operating reseach institutes in the field of urban studies:

Websites of other Urban and Housing – Research and Policy Organizations


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
Canadian Urban Institute
Centre for Human Settlements, University of British Columbia
INRS – Urbanization, Culture and Society, University of Quebec
Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg


Center for Urban and Regional Policy, Northeastern University, Boston
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota
Center for Urban and Regional Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Centre for Urban Development Studies, Harvard University
Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Centre for Urban Policy Research, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Centre for Urban Progress, Howard University
Center for Urban Research, City University of New York
Center for Urban Research and Policy, Columbia University
Center for Urban Studies, State University of NY, Buffalo
Center for Urban Studies, Wayne State University
Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth, State University of New York, Buffalo
Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California, Berkeley
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
Taub Urban Research Centre, New York University
University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh
Urban Affairs Association
Urban Institute, Washington, DC


Centre for Housing Policy, The University of York
Centre for Neighbourhood Research, Economic and Social Research Council
Centre for Urban and Community Research, University of London
Centre for Urban Studies, University of Bristol
Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham
Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow
European Institute for Comparative Urban Research, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
European Network for Housing Research
European Urban Research Association
Global Urban Research Unit, University of Newcastle
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam

Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University
OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies, Delft University of Technology


Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research

Australian Chapter of the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Melbourne
Australian Housing Information Network,
Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University


Centre for International Health, University of Toronto
Cities Alliance
Global Campaign for Secure Tenure, UN-Habitat
Global Campaign on Urban Governance, UN-Habitat
Global Urban Observatory, UN-Habitat
Research Committee on Housing and the Built Environment, International Sociological Association
Housing Information Gateway
Housing Policy and Development, UN-Habitat
International Development Research Centre, Ottawa
United Nations Development Programme

Sourche: http://www.urbancentre.utoronto.ca/urbanresearchlinks.html


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